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Why I'm Voting ...

“Fear is the mind’s reaction against the inherent
generosity of the heart.” 

Ram Dass & Paul Gorman, from the book, How Can I Help? Stories and Reflections on Service)

The quote makes me think about how President George W. Bush has delusionally or deceptively described himself and his administration’s policies as “conservatively compassionate”.  His administration has constantly fanned the fires of fear of another foreign terrorist attack at home, instilled fear in Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, Iran, South Korea, Arabs abroad and at home, Muslims abroad and at home, France, and gay Americans. 

The result of this compassionate conservatism is that we’re becoming less compassionate than we were before Bush became president.  I believe we can be more loving, more generous, more innovative, as powerful yet more peaceful, and respectful of others if we turn away from the culture of fear.  Bush is even used fear to defeat John Kerry, a man who has shown bravery by risking his life when he could have avoided the Vietnam War like Bush and Dick Cheney did – several times.  Combat in war alone does not translate into presidential fitness, otherwise women would not qualify, but given the two real choices we have the Democratic Party represents the only opportunity for peace, prosperity, equal rights, and generosity of the heart – the ingredients for happiness in America.

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