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"2,000 Black Women investing $2,000 each by the Year 2000 = $4 million of Collective Wealth, Freedom and Power"

BW2000 was formed when our co-founder, a financial planner at the time, observed that Black women were the smallest segment of her practice. After discussing the situation with potential clients and others in the Black community, she realized that there were cultural, social and psychological hurdles that make it difficult for Black women to talk with others about financial issues -- even when it is for their own good. This "wealth disorientation syndrome" is manifest in a tacit Code of Silence in the Black community.

BW2000 is a movement to create a culture where Black women talk openly about money. By creating an informal and emotionally supportive environment, it becomes acceptable, expected and commonplace for Black women to discuss wealth opportunities and to proactively manage their money and their lives.

January, 1998

Monthly financial education sessions followed by informal discussions between 20-30 Black women. Discussions have focused on topics such as fear and trust of advisors, realistic investment expectations and financial instruments (e.g. stocks, bonds, mutual funds). Sessions are usually held in the evening for two hours.

1998/1999 Discussion Topics

bulletAdvertising: Do Financial Institutions Want Your Money?
bulletBuilding Trust
bulletAriel Funds Survey of Black Investors
bulletOptimism/Pessimism: Why do we tell ourselves we have no money when we work for pay?
bulletThe Beardstown Ladies and Realistic Investment Expectations
bulletCreating & Maintaining Your Legacy with Insurance
bulletMutual Funds
bulletRoth IRA

and open to anyone who wants to attend.   Seminars were held primarily at various locations in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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