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Thank you for visiting our site! In here you'll find information about our books, our projects and upcoming events. We are always building and changing; so check back often for exciting updates!

Our Mission

Marabella Books is a private, women-owned publishing company. We are dedicated to providing  products and services that empower Black women to create personal econocultures that benefit their families and our community.

Our Founders

We believe that books about Black Women's empowerment should be published by a Black woman publisher.   Under the leadership of our co-founder and President, Tracey Scott, Marabella Books was born in 1998. 

Our Products & Services

We are committed to creating tools for building  and sharing knowledge with others.  Starting with Beyond 40 Acres & Another Pair of Shoes, we are publishing books that help women get past the burdens placed on us by society and history.  Our SmartSistersSM website is a forum for women (and brothers) to talk, discuss, share and grow, when it concerns money. 

Traditionally, the beauty shop is where we let our hair down (pun intended) and talk about life and love and the latest trends.  It is where we learned the "real deal" about what was going on; where we felt comfortable about being honest; and where the wisdom was passed along from older to younger to older.   ShopTalk on our SmartSistersSM website is that same place, with one difference.  In our Shop we work on the inner beauty: sharper minds, kinder hearts.  The topic is money -- how you get it, grow it and use it -- and everyone is invited to join in.

BW2000 is our SmartSistersSM effort to get 2,000 Black women committed to investing $2,000 each by the Year 2000.  We are well on our way, and invite you to make your pledge.  If you're in the Bay Area in California, you can participate in our monthly discussions.  If you live somewhere else, we'll include as much as we can on the SmartSistersSM site after each session.  $4 million!!! Spread among Black Women with the power to effect changes in our lives and our community.  It's is so much and yet takes so little effort.

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